National Anthem Of The Chicago Blackhawks: Must Be Experienced Nation Wide

Alright, I have been to many Chicago Blackhawks games and I can tell you beyond any possible doubt that you have not, and will not experience a national anthem until you go to a Blackhawks hockey game. The amount of glory thrusted into your heart can only be likened to the face of a puppy upon your arrival home.


Whoever thought of hiring Jim Cornelison, an internationally known opera singer, as the primary vocalist of the Star Spangled Banner at all Chicago Blackhawks hockey games should be awarded bacon for life. Pure genius that man is. Not only does Jim Cornelison have one of the most powerful voices in all of the world, but during the entire national anthem, the sell out crowd of the Stanley Cup Champions is booming with chear… making The United Center a top contender as the loudest and definitely most heartfelt rooms in the world during those 38 seconds.

This experience is just that… an experience. I can assure you that you have NEVER and will NEVER experience the national anthem like this until you go to a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game. “The atmosphere was electric and there will never be another one like it in pro sports in my opinion,” said former Blackhawk Stu Grimson.

In an interview, Jim was asked to describe his experience during the national anthem, his answer is as follows, “I can’t describe it. All I can do is ask a Blackhawks’ fan to think of how hard it is to describe to someone what it is like to experience the anthem before a Hawks’ game. If people haven’t experienced the power of the moment you can’t explain it so they can feel what you do. I will tell you that it is always a rush and often the emotions get in the way of delivering a perfectly sung anthem. I’m an emotional guy and I have a lot of trouble keeping my feelings in check when the 22,000+ fans start the roar and I’m standing right in the middle of them. I love being a part of that celebration of being American and a Blackhawks fan!”

These videos will not do it the remotest justice but it’s just a lick of what you are missing out on.

The first video is rather long, worth it, but the national anthem starts at the 6 minute mark…

The beginning of the intro he is just concluding with the Canadian national anthem and then concludes with the singing of the American national anthem.


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