The Word “Blog”, I Hate It

Blog. Doesn’t it just sound gross? It sounds like an old fat man wallowing in a pond… no offense to old fat men, of course. I am not a “blogger”, and no I do not “blog”. I have a website hosted by a business called WordPress and within the website I write articles for the purpose of entertainment and/or education. When I hear the word “blog”, 1 of 3 things comes to mind. I either picture a pre-pubescent teen writing a daily journal about the most trivial “1st-world-problems” such as a teacher not allowing the chewing of gum in class. Or I picture a college liberal arts major documenting their study abroad travels to all the typical tourist locations, like the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, the Tower of Pisa, Munich and Amsterdam. Or lastly, I picture a recently wedded couple who posts billions of photos of their marriage and/or their newborn baby.

The word sounds amateurish… although, what I am doing is amateur. As in, not a profession. But if you have the mentality that what you are doing isn’t amateur and you take your work professionally, then your writing becomes infinitely better, more well read and respected. I hate the word “blog”.

Not too long ago a friend found out I had a webpage and their immediate reply was, “oh, I didn’t know you had a blog!” I told them, “I wouldn’t call myself a blogger”… “Well why not? Isn’t that what this is?”… “Blogging is when you don’t take your writings seriously, I take my writings seriously”. Personally, I don’t care as much about my website as others do, but everything I write, I write with full and complete honesty with the utmost attention to content quality.

This might turn out to be the shortest “blog” I have ever written… just remember, when you write, whatever you write, be honest and professional and don’t use the word “blog”.

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2 thoughts on “The Word “Blog”, I Hate It

  1. Samir says:

    You’re not the only one! I thought I was the only one that thought that word conjured images of a disgusting blob of some sort. I take my writing seriously–I’m a web-publisher.😉

  2. Chris P says:

    I was just thinking about how much I dislike people using that word and found this article. I would love to have a recorded conversation about blogging that I could time machine to the early-mid 90’s. It would be the strangest conversation to hear from that perspective.

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