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Lying, Stealing, and Cheating; Why People Do It, and Why It Will Never Go Away

This post was sort of made haphazardly, made out of pure type as you think process. It is the most truthful and honest I can be and will remain un-edited out of spirit. Ignore the bad, and make do with the good. 

This question has plagued us forever. It is the harbinger of human upset while simultaneously the catalyst of “unfair” betterment. Technically speaking, people who can get away with lying, stealing and/or cheating will be better off. People who can successfully lie through job interviews will get better paying jobs. People who steal successfully will have greater resources at no added cost. The same is true for many other species on the planet. When penguins nest, it is not uncommon to witness them stealing rocks from another penguin’s nest when they aren’t looking. If you want to look at it from an evolutionary perspective, those that are successful at stealing, will be more prosperous and more likely to survive… therefore passing on their advanced traits to the next generations.


Even if you don’t look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, and just as human behavioral reasoning you will see that the majority of people do it, and everybody has done it at sometime in their life. It is human nature. I will try and explain why it will never go away, but also why it is good for you to avoid the behavior.

Lying exists because people like the feeling they get from the immediate pleasure created by the lie. It might make them look superior, give them things they otherwise wouldn’t get, or take advantage of a situation to sway things in their own direction. The fact of the matter remains true, if you lie, you WILL get increased benefit at that immediate moment and quite possibly the short future. It is almost impossible to refute this unless your lie is worse than the truth. But on the flip-side, nobody, and I mean nobody, can remember everything they say or do… so a liar will slip up eventually. People who tell the truth have nothing to fear, what they remember is what they remember. People who tell the truth are better people to be with (even if liars a rollin’ good) because there is nothing to worry about. A liar walks a fine line where if they slip up, it’s over, his circle of people won’t want anything to do with him because all he can do is take advantage of them. As far as a relationship goes, you need to get away from liars as quick as possible… they can only bring future harm. Though, it’s tempting, because liars won’t appear in broad daylight like you think they might… they will just look like an immensely wonderful person. A fake one at that.

Stealing exists similarly to the above… if you can steal and get away with it, you will be better off. It’s harder for a stealer to “slip-up” because they don’t usually have to remember all the lies a liar tells. But just as before, if a stealer gets caught, it’s over. Others will know that this person is dangerous to be around, and won’t want anything to do with them, for fear of themselves being ripped off.

Finally, cheaters. Why do people cheat? Genetically, it’s because men want to ‘spread the seed’ as much as possible… but I think we’re beyond that natural desire. I think it’s of the issue that if people have the ability to get with more than 1, and get away with it, then why not… more pleasure for themselves. It’s sad, but it’s true. It’s probably one of the most selfish things one can do. I have personally known people who have talked about cheating in almost a glorified manner. It’s pathetic. The only way you can prosper peacefully for the long term is if you rely singly on another person, and they do the same. Any form of wavering this and any and all mutual support is gone.

Why does this happen? Simple, humans are instant pleasure machines. We want what we want now, not later. And if we feel like we can selfishly benefit from it now, then why not take advantage of the situation? The error in this logic is that in the long haul this will prove fatal, because as time passes you will gain a greater and greater reputation of being untrustworthy and selfish absorbed. If you are able to find someone who is capable of removing any and all of these temptations, both of you will be significantly better off together because you will mutually support each other without fear of treachery. It also means that you can’t really trust people until you really get to know them. Too many people take everyone’s words for granted, and all too often fall prey to such deceivery. Be open and honest with people, don’t exclude people from your lives but be sure to keep a tight circle and only allow yourself to fall for people you already can deeply trust and have a great time with. This tight circle will only boost your well being in life and decrease the likelihood of setbacks caused by liars, stealers and cheaters.

This post was sort of made haphazardly, made out of pure type as you think process. It is the most truthful and honest I can be and will remain un-edited out of spirit. Ignore the bad, and make do with the good. 

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